Hey there money mindful lady.  Join us for Book Club!

Book club is about learning with others and developing the tools to take control of our financial destiny.
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Who: Book club is for anyone who wants to learn about money and mindset with others
When: We meet online for book club on the last Tuesday of the month at 8.30pm AEST
Where: Money Mindful Facebook page click here to find us and join the page
What are we reading?: Each month we read a new book, check the latest month here to join in.
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Women are great storytellers. We pass down information through generations. Either deliberately or simply by the next generation modelling what they see us do.

What information do you want to pass down to our daughters?

“I’m no good with money”
“Let’s go shopping”
“Managing money is hard”
“Investing is for rich people”
“Women are bad-asses when it comes to money”
“We know how to make it”
“We know how to manage it”
“We support each other to learn and make more”

We all have women in our life we care about; our girlfriends, our partners, our daughters our mothers. We all know people who struggle financially or wish we could help. We are natural caregivers and nurturers. Well how about this?

How about we support the people around us by being an example of what is possible.
How about we fill our own cup first. Not at the expense of others but to be the best we can be for ourselves.
To be empowered, bold, financially literate and in control.Let’s be bad-ass women who earn a tonne of money to create bigger in this world. Let’s learn together, study and apply our knowledge.

So join me for book club. Let’s grow our awareness about money and mindset. Let’s learn by study and taking action.

Let’s be Money Mindful.

Please note as an affiliate of Amazon Associates I receive a commission if you make a purchase by clicking through the Amazon links on this website.  This is at no extra cost to you.  Books are such an incredible resource for learning and growing and in some cases even life changing.  I have learnt so much and developed my financial literacy by applying what I have learnt from books.

Happy reading and learning.