August: You are a Badass at Making Money

You are a Badass at Making Money
Master the Mindset of Wealth
Jen Sincero

This book is a lot of fun and full of pearls of wisdom, delivered in a relatable and quirky style.

Although there is no doubt this book fits into the self help/personal development genre, Jen manages to keep it light hearted and easy to digest, as we follow her on her journey to making the big bucks.

She tells a good story and definitely kept me entertained but it's more than just funny stories; she teaches us how to uncover what is holding us back from making money and how to tap into our natural ability to grow rich.  Each chapter concludes with an exercise to work on mastering the mindset of wealth.

Personally I think these kind of books are easy to consume and gloss over.  They are nice to read and get me feeling motivated.  However, that is not enough and nothing will change unless you actually apply what you learn.

I believe this book has the potential to have an impact if you do the exercises at the end of each chapter and apply what you learn.

Here's my suggestion how to do that.

  1. Pearls of wisdom: underline anything new or interesting you come across
  2. New concepts: look out for new concepts and apply them, try out what Jen suggests
  3. Questions: What questions does the book raise?  Write them down and write down any questions that come up for you when reading

You can get a copy of the book >>here<<.

I look forward to hanging out with you in book club this month and being badasses together!

Book Club Meeting

When: Tuesday 25th August @ 830pm AEST
Where: Go to the Money Mindful Facebook page  >>click here<<

I go live on the page at 830pm.  You just have to show up to the page and join in the conversation.  If you can't make it live I always post the replay on the page below.

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You can watch the August book club replay below.  If you are having trouble playing the video you can also see the replay on Facebook here.

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