March: Spenditude

A life-changing attitude to money
Paul Gordan & Janine Robertson

There are a lot of books out there in the personal finance world that give you actionable steps to start managing your money and looking after it, to make more and support yourself in retirement.  However, one very important aspect that is often left out of these books is our mindset and our attitude towards money.  For example if you are an emotional eater, it doesn't matter how much exercise you do, if you always turn to food for comfort, you are never going to get in shape.  You first have to address the mindset.  It's exactly the same with money.  You can put strategies in place to improve your finances but again unless you examine what's happening on the inside- in our mind and our attitude towards money, it is going to be very hard to sustain long term healthy money habits.  Here is where Spenditude comes in and why it is such an important book to read.  You are not going to learn any get rich quick strategies here but what you will learn is how to first identify what your attitude towards money is and then how you can go about making change to develop the 'spenditude' you desire.  This book is a slow burn that I encourage you to come back to for a second read.  Please do not underestimate the importance of your thoughts, beliefs, mindset or 'spenditude' towards money.  Becoming aware of your spenditude and learning how to change it is life changing!  Get this book in your eyeballs!

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You can hear the interview on the podcast with Paul and Janine below.

Watch the replay of the March book Club meeting below.

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