May: Everything is Figureoutable

Everything is Figureoutable
Marie Forleo

If you want to make change in your life but you feel like you lack the confidence, time or money then this is the book for you.

I was initially attracted to this book as I listen to Marie's podcast on and off and I love her sass and can do attitude.  But it was the title that really drew me in and made it a yes when deciding to buy and read it.

Everything is figureoutable; if there was ever a time to embrace this concept, it is most certainly now.  So many people are experiencing fear and uncertainty in this current world climate.  We can't change the circumstances of the covid19 pandemic, it is happening.  But we can absolutely change and control the way we think about it and handle it.

Have to work from home- no problem everything is figureoutable.
Lost your job temporarily- no problem everything is figureoutable.
Can't get onions from the supermarket- no problem everything is figureoutable.

I don't think Marie had a pandemic in mind when she wrote this book but her message is very transferrable and this is why I selected it for this months book club as I think we could all benefit from a little belief and attitude that everything is figureoutable.

Marie is well known for helping entrepreneurs start or improve their businesses.  I certainly think this book is targeting this audience.  However, what surprised me is really, this is a mindset book and is applicable to anyone faced with a challenge or change they want to make.

She guides us step by step through the book with simple exercises.  First, how to identify what our dream is and second, how to create the belief we need to step into being the person who creates it.  She also dishes out some great advice on how to create more time to put these changes into place.

If you want some actionable steps and a health dose of positivity and tough love, this is the book for you.

If you are unwilling to make change or are offended by the odd 'F' bomb, then I would give this one a miss.

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